July 10, 2017

Useful Information

Useful Information

About Edget Yehltsanat Masadegia Mahiber (Edget Orphanage)

What is Edget Orphanage?

Edget is established as a registered charity and has been in operation for 10 years. It has the required registration and license to operate from the Ethiopian Residents Charity.

Where is Edget Orphanage?

The exact location for Edget is:

Edget Yehltsanat Masadegia Mahiber

Nifasilk Lafto Subcity Woreda 03 House No 136

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Who runs Edget Orphanage?

Edget is run by Sister Zainab.

A General Assembly of 20 people appoints a 5 person board, which in turn appoint the Orphanage Director. The board is comprised of ex-colleagues of Sister Zainab from the Blacklion Hospital http://www.inctr.org/network-magazine/current-edition/partner-profile/tikur-anbessa-black-lion-hospital/.

Details of the current Board Members can be found http://edgetoutreach.org/#aboutus .

Who is looked after Edget Yehltsanat Masadegia Mahiber Orphanage?

Sister Zainab receives referrals from the government orphanage, Kebebe Tsehai in Addis Ababa. The majority of children taken into Edget are under the age of 3 years old and often have medical needs.

Edget Orphanage can look after a maximum of 40 children.

Who looks after the children at Edget Orphanage?

There are 19 staff at Edget – mostly nannies as well as cooks and a driver.

How is Edget Orphanage currently supported?

Prospective adoptive parents are asked to provide a donation to the Edget Orphanage in two stages as part of the adoption process. This donation covers all costs for looking after the child until adoption is concluded.

In kind donations and financial donations are also received from families who have previously adopted from Edget.

When no adoptions are in process i.e. due to government policy changes, the orphanage relies on its cash reserves and generosity of the adoption community through “crisis funding” to survive. 

What are the existing expenses for Edget Orphanage?

  • Rent
  • Staffing
  • Utilities
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Other consumables such as nappies

What is the accounting and auditing structure of Edget Orphanage?

Inspections and audits are carried out at random times primarily by the following agencies:

  • Ministry for Health
  • Addis Ababa Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs (MoWA)
  • Federal MoWA
  • Charity Association
  • Small Village Association

The Edget financial budgetary agreement, which was sighted and scanned. This is an agreement between Edget and the Ministry of Finance for the budget purpose of Edget, prior to obtaining the orphanage license from the Charities and Societies Agency in Ethiopia.

How do I contact Edget Orphanage?

Please contact Mr Samson Tefera who is our Edget Liaison and works with Edget Orphanage as a facilitator for non-agency adoptions

E-mail: samsontfr@yahoo.com

Phone/Viber/Whatsapp: +251 911994599

Can I visit Edget Orphanage?

The most important thing about Edget is the care and welfare of the children staying there. Visits for prospective adoptive parents and those part way through the process must be approved by Sister Zainab on a day to day basis with the children’s best interests at heart. Visits may not be possible for medical or other reasons.

Other visits must have a specific purpose such as returning adoptees and reunions.

A guest house has been established with infant facilities for adoptive parents, stays at this guest house can be arranged through contacting Sami Tefera.

The final decision for orphanage visits is via approval by Sister Zainab. Sami Tefera is the contact for this approval and will liaise with Sister.

About Edget Outreach

Are you a registered Charity?

We are established as an unincorporated association, and are reviewing establishment of a registered charity in the future potentially in several countries.

Who is involved in Edget Outreach?

Edget Outreach has been established and run by a group of adoptive parents who are currently based in Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore on an entirely voluntary and not for profit basis.

More information can be found on our website here http://edgetoutreach.org/#aboutus

Does Edget Outreach have a constitution?

Yes. More information can be found here.

How are the funds collected?

Donations are made possible using the Stripe third party payment platform.

On the 1st of each month, we will reconcile donations and clear all the funds in the account to the Edget Orphanage operating bank account. This will ensure that the moneys will be received in Ethiopia by the 15th of each month, in time for end of month salary payments and purchase of consumables/rent top up etc..

Edget Outreach is a not-for-profit organisation. All donations go directly to Edget Orphanage, less any bank transaction fees and minor website hosting charges.

Can I get a receipt/tax receipt for the donation?

A receipt will be automatically generated when you make a donation by the Stripe system. We are currently unable to issue tax deductible receipts, however we are reviewing registration as a charity possibly in multiple countries with a view to generating tax deductible certificates.

What is the accounting and auditing structure of Edget Outreach?

Edget Outreach operates with a Finance and IT Officer, who is responsible for the financial measures of the association. We are established with Governance Principles and carry out the following activities:

  • Monthly reconciliation of donations in and transfers to Edget out.
  • Reconciliation with receipt of transfers in Ethiopia.
  • Seek justification for funds employed at Edget orphanage.
  • We never mix personal and donation moneys through a systemized approach.
  • Financial statistics are presented at each committee meeting (there are 6 per year).
  • An end of year report will be tabled and published on our website.
  • We transparently share our audit reports on request by Edget contributors.

 Edget Outreach will issue an annual report which will include a financial report. Audit reports are also available on request.

How do I arrange donations in kind?

There are many regular items which are much appreciated at Edget Orphanage such as infant formula (especially lactose free) and nappies.

To encourage sustainability in the wider Addis Ababa community, we do encourage sourcing these items from Ethiopia itself.

Please enquire directly with Mr Sami Tefera about items that may be in need or a general list can be found below:

  • Nappies
  • Infant formula, particularly lactose free
  • Vicks Vapour Rub
  • Paracetomol (Panadol) for Infants and Children
  • Scabies Treatment
  • Lucas Paw Paw Cream or other barrier cream for nappy rash

Items purchased in Ethiopia support the Ethiopian economy, and help reduce freight. Should you wish to bring any items into the country itself, please be aware that customs personnel at Addis Ababa airport are very strict with imports. Usually announcing that the items are for an orphanage have immigration officers being sympathetic and they don’t then charge import duties on the goods, however there have been instances where large charges have been levied.

You can also ask around if anyone from your country will be visiting Addis Ababa and ask if they can bring goods on your behalf.

Can I volunteer for Edget Outreach?

We welcome volunteers for Edget Outreach, particularly for those with specific areas of expertise, please reach out to info@edgetoutreach.org .

Please contact us with your area of interest and a brief personal profile.

Can my donation or contribution be acknowledged in the newsletter, donations in kind?

Yes, we would be delighted to acknowledge your donation or contribution in the newsletter / website / other. 

Adoption from Ethiopia

How do I find out more about adoption from Ethiopia?

International adoptions require a lot of research and resources. The status and requirements can be constantly changing. Here are some suggestions for your own family’s research:

  1. Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs Ethiopia (MOWA)


  1. Does our country of citizenship enable us to adopt from Ethiopia? This will be determined by your country of citizenship. Please enquire with your home country through the relevant authorities or High Commission or Embassy if you are an expatriate
  2. Do you need a home study and if so how to arrange one? This will be determined by your country of residence
  3. What are the pathways? There is adoption through an agency or non-agency adoption where you engage a facilitator. This is determined by your country of residence
  4. Are there other resources?

Expats Adopting from Ethiopia (Support Group)


This is a closed group where you need to request membership

General Adoption Resources

Here are some helpful resources from Edget Outreach

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