July 13, 2017

About Edget Orphanage

About Edget Orphanage

Name:                     Edget Yehltsanat Masadegia Mahiber

Location:                Nifasilk Lafto Subcity Woreda 03 House No 136, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Founded:               2008

No. of Beds:           40

On-site Staff:          19

Edget Orphanage is an Ethiopian Residents Charity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which serves to receive children in need of medical attention from Ethiopian government orphanages, primarily Kebebetsehay. Over 500 babies and children have been adopted to families worldwide under inter country adoption programs.

As well as supporting an adoption program, Edget has performed re-unification services to find and reunite more than 500 abandoned children and youths to their own families within Ethiopia.

Edget Orphanage 100% Ethiopian staffed and is governed by a general assembly elected board of 5 members, who have appointed Sister Zeneb as Orphanage Director, a position she has held since Edget’s inception.