Edget Orphanage's
Sustainable Survival

Australian Charities Registration 0372093-2017 application decision pending.



Enabling Edget Orphanage to continue to support the government orphanages in Ethiopia to care for children placed for adoption


Supporting the team at Edget to care for children with often complex needs in a nurturing environment .


Enabling more secure care for children from government orphanages through financial support, advice and in-country orphanage maintenance.


Provide enduring opportunities for Edget adoptive families to forge a cultural and community connection to Edget, and Ethiopia

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About Us

We are a group of Edget adoptive parents.

Edget Outreach has been established by Edget Adoptive Parents who have a keen interest in ensuring that the positive welfare of government orphanage children in need and Edget Orphanage service can continue well into the future, for the mutual benefit of children and new parents. We are based internationally – in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia. Working remotely, we have formalized our association and run it transparently.

Running an orphanage is costly - there’s rent, power, water, staff, food, medicine, and maintenance costs which all add up. Edget Outreach provides an opportunity for those touched by the adoption process to contribute towards the successful ongoing impact of Edget Orphanage, to ultimately benefit the children under care. We also facilitate cultural connections, in country connections with adoptive families, and other non-monetary support mechanisms for Edget Orphanage.


* All management committee positions are carried out on a voluntary basis.

Management Committee

John Popovic

John works as an International Development consultant and has three children including two daughters cared for by Edget in 2011 and 2015. Now living in Thailand, John is passionate about humanitarian needs and growth of developing countries.

Sally Blair

Sally is based in Singapore with her family of three children who are all adopted, her youngest from Edget in 2015. Sally works with childhood cancer programs in Singapore and South East Asia with a focus on outreach and supporting developing countries

Julianne Martin

Julianne is a mother of four, and her youngest spent the first 7 months of her life being cared for by the wonderful nannies at Edget. Julianne is passionate about using education as a means to end the cycle of poverty and as a tool for peace. She is also grateful for the lifelong connection to Ethiopia which her daughter has gifted her with.

Adam Elson

Finance & IT

Katie Michel


Lisa Morey

Chief Fundraising Officer & Australia Co-ordinator
Lisa has a nursing background and is a stay at home mum to her 2 children who were cared for at Edget Orphanage in 2015. Lisa is passionate about providing support for the nannies who care for and transition our children from their care to ours. The nannies provide such a rich, nurturing environment & cultural bond, not only for our children but for the adoptive parents. A lifelong connection that is immeasurable.

Katie Robinson

SE Asia Co-ordinator
Katie has always cared about helping other people and giving back to the community, including her previous role as admin on the Expats Adopting from Ethiopia support group. Her personal experience at Edget, seeing the love and care her son received whilst there, is her motivation for joining this endeavour. Katie is a Canadian living in Singapore and is a mother of two young children.

Jen Grainger

Middle East Co-ordinator
Having adopted a child from Edget, Jen has witnessed firsthand the love and care and dedication shown by all the Edget team. Jen is working with Edget Outreach to support and contribute to their future success. Jen is a Brit living in the Middle East and is so very happy to be the mother of one beautiful Ethiopian boy!

Edget Orphanage (Non-Board Members)

Samson Tefera

Edget Liaison

Sister Zeneb

Edget Orphanage Director

Edget Orphanage Board Members

1. Dr Tameru Belachew
2. Kaseche Atelaw
3. Tebeyen Mequanint
4. Addisu Tefera
5. Tigist Kassa


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We are currently planning the following events:

Edget Outreach Launch : September 2017 : Online

Edget Orphange Maintenance : April 2018 : Edget Orphange, Addis Ababa

Cultural Connection : April 2018 : Addis Ababa

For further information for any of these events, please contact our Events officer at events@EdgetOutreach.org


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